stop saying you like my artworks

The biggest trap to unleashing creativity is listening to other people.  The lovely comments about our art, build us up only superficially because let’s face it, if we the artist don’t like the art we’ve created, no one’s opinion will change that.  If you’re anything like me, I will simply discard other people’s well intentioned comments because what i already believe about my art will generally override their comment.


The best way to unleash our creativity is creating judgement free zones: no ‘i love your artwork’ and no ‘i dislike your artwork.’


No compliments?  That’s so hard, we post on insta, Facebook and blog to get positive feedback don’t we?  It takes a little while to get used to sharing our work and not receiving compliment booster shots, but after a while I’ve found that I relax way more during the art process and experiment more freely when I’m free from other people’s expectations and opinions on my art.


We as artists need to shoulder the responsibility to create group and family cultures that appreciates and values the art process and the artist.  Then we are ready to share art from the heart.  Creating that culture?  Try sharing specifically about the impact that the artwork has on you with the artist instead.  If you must complement the artwork, share something specific that you like, such as the way they used colour or the way the flower petal is so transparent or that tiny silhouette on the horizon.  Those sort of comments show you have taken time to really look at the details, and attach the compliment to the the process.


No judgement zones create safe places for the artistic soul to fully express itself.  We will all become better artists, creators and writers, our creations will become an overflow of fully discovered creativity rather than allowing the comments of others to bonsai our creativity.


4 thoughts on “stop saying you like my artworks

  1. grlie says:

    I really love the bright colors you used here. Speaking about loving my art and receiving feedback from followers, yes, of course I like positive feedback, but I am quite happy that I achieved a state where I really do not care how many likes and followers I get. I do this for myself and I share in order to meet other artists and enjoy other people’s art. I post on IG and write my blog mainly in order to document my artistic journey for myself. I do not always like what I make, but I try to look at it more as a process than a finished product. It works for me 🙂

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  2. Carrie Lynn says:

    great points! in my opinion, sharing our art is not so much to gather either positive or negative feed backs, it is more of sharing what we are comfortable of doing. many people have different styles, respecting that and accepting what we can and cannot do sets us apart. now, we also have to realize that there are people who are in the art community with only one purpose, to gather as much positive comments as they can. like grass, we just have to learn to look closely and weed them out.

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