making space for creativity


  I am 100% certain creativity be increased.  Nurtured to its full potential.  Sometimes we inadvertently allow ourselves to think creativity is some airborne thing that blows in on a blue moon or that it is hatched in our DNA.  Unchangeable.  Irrefutable.  Unteachable.  Stuck with how we are.  I believe ordinary things exponentially increase our creativity:

What if all creativity needs is space?  Time set aside to allow it to rise from within? Percolation?  Contemplation?  Shy confidence?  Allowance of mistakes?  Being kind to ourselves?  Celebrating ourselves having a go?


What if setting aside intentional time in our daily schedule for creativity is the number one thing we can do to increase it?  What if we allowed inspiration to rise up within us without making it jump through the hoops of perfection & comparison?

Play, create, allow inspiration, get messy, make ‘mistakes,’ learn new techniques, allowing things to just flow without pressure for a result, take a class, play with a new mediums, just allowing heart not head to rule our paintbrush onto paper.

What if we took the time we usually spent on Pinterest envying other people’s creativity and created something?  What if intentional space for creating and contemplating was the path to breaking down fear and doubt?

So convinced of all this am I, that I have decided to make space for connecting fellow creatives in intentional creativity and playing with art.  It’s called Art Circle.  It’s happening this Sunday for those of you in Brisbane.

Crafting Circle copy

 BYO any art or craft project and create along side fellow artisans.  Make stuff, have a natter and get lots of crafting done without distractions such as housework.  No art/craft experience required, all welcome, RSVP is essential. I will do a mini art demo to inspire and then then you can create uninterrupted to your hearts content.

No art/craft experience required, RSVP is essential.  Check in on Facebook here.

$5 for mini kit and a delicious morning tea. I will have paint, spray inks and some stamping supplies & paper available for use.

lose our fear of being wrong

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