beauty in brokenness

I finally got organised to book into the Suitcase Rummage Markets that are happening this Sunday in Brisbane City. My youngest crafty one and I are making stuff out of stash to take and sell.  She’s making sweet birds nest necklaces and message in a bottle macrame bottle necklaces. So proud of her. See her message in a bottle macrame necklaces on Madeit!



I got to make beautiful things out of brokenness. Beautiful china that has been cracked or broken has been upcycled into sweet necklaces. I know the season of brokenness intimately and I know how exquisite hope can be in that dark journey.  I pray these necklaces can convey just the smallest crack of beauty and hope in a dark time, that in spite of brokenness (or because of it) you will embrace your transformation (you cannot help but become changed). More compassionate, more insightful, more grace filled, embracing beauty defined by whole heartedness and unafraid of daring to soar again often happens after the brokenness.  If you’re not out the ‘other side’ (beauty and healing, light and love) yet, if you are still living in brokenness or darkness,  I want to encourage you to hold on, to keep moving forward. Everything is a season and seasons always cycle.

Here’s a great blog post by the Brave Girls Club called “You Will Fly Again” which really inspires me. Thanks Melody for your vulnerability and courage.

6 thoughts on “beauty in brokenness

  1. Carrie Lynn says:

    Your daughter makes beautiful bird’s nests and those bottles in macrame technique are super wow. I’ve tried beading and wire working before but never tried doing the macrame technique, my mind cannot wrap itself around it. Cheers to your daughter. Your upcycled china pendants are all pretty and dainty. I love your thoughts in brokenness to being whole again.


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