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If there is one piece of anecdotal evidence that keeps  sounding out loud and clear to me  as an artist and in my study to become an Arts Therapist it is: creativity decreases with age.  This is devastating to me to watch play out again and again in people’s lives.  If the older we get the less likely we are to explore our creative side (don’t think art think divergent thinking), that means our creativity to lost some where in our childhood… ironically it is usually around the age we start school.

In one study 1,600 children aged three to five were tested, 98% showed they could think in divergent (creative/outside the box) ways. By the time the children were aged eight to 10, 32% could think divergently. When the same test was applied to 13 to 15-year-olds, only 10% could think in this way. And when the test was used with 200,000 25-year-olds, only 2% could think divergently.  Read more here.

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Bottom line is that we need to intentionally foster creativity in our children and teens  and rekindle our own creativity if it is lost/broken/buried/been shut down.  I believe creativity is innate in every single one of us, it just sometimes lies dormant, it never doesn’t exist.  We all have creativity within.

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My passion is unleashing creativity and because I walk the talk I am offering kids art classes that are all about releasing their creativity rather than purely techniques.

If you’re on the northside of Brissie (Lawnton)  I have a few places in my kids art classes still available, and I’d love to hear from you.  My kids classes suit 5-12 years, both boys and girls.  They run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. More class details here.

For an interesting TED Talk on the topic of ‘does school kill creativity’ click here .

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