art workshops on the northside of brisbane

 Art is a bucket filler.  Forget adult colouring in books.  The sort of art that fills buckets is often art sitting shoulder to shoulder around a table with fellow creatives with the smell of paint and fresh white paper sharing a story.  Now that your kids are at school and things have calmed down, (forget the house work) maybe it’s time to take do a little self care.  Yes, I am talking to you!

Art Classes Adult 2016 jpeg

Art journalling classes as well as card making classes (no experience required) are starting at my house in two weeks time!  (Lawnton) Get in quick to secure your place around the art table, meet new people, dust off your art skills (or if you can’t remember the last time you created something, learn something completely new) and have fun.

For the full class schedule click here.

Thanks all, hope to meet you then, email me via the contact me link at the side bar to book in. Rochelle x

2 thoughts on “art workshops on the northside of brisbane

  1. Debra says:

    Hi I picked up one of your flyers from the office at Lawnton primary today and so wish I could come for art journalling classes! Sounds like 2.5 hours of heaven! Is there an age limit for the Sunday art circle sessions? I have 3 boys (12, 9 and 5) who I enjoy art making with and I cant get away without them. Just thought Id ask.


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