16 things for 2016


1) I will do more art.  Not art so I can blog about it or show it to my family, but art from the soul because I have a story to tell.  Free expression art, intuitive, art from the heart, art on paper and with new mediums I’ve never tried. Everyone has a story to tell.

2) I will be on the internet less.  I will stopping flicking mindless through Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest.  Intentional and mindful.  Inspiring and accountable.

3) I will be kind to myself.  I will show love and respect daily to myself.  I will be accepting of my limitations and I will not beat myself up when I make mistakes, run out of time or am disorganised. I will also allow that full cup of self acceptance to overflow into my interaction with others.

4) I will lean into my strengths more.  It is OK to be a strong woman.  It is OK to have firm opinions and express them.  All of them.  Thoughtfully and respectfully.  To the right people.  At the right time.  It’s OK to be me.  All of me.


5) I will say no more.  I will say yes more.  I will carefully distinguish between two opportunities and take my time to make decisions. I will remember that whenever I say yes to something I don’t really want to do, I am saying no to something I do want to do.

6) I will have more fun.  Though I’ve never been the giggly type, this year I will laugh more and do things that don’t have a purpose but are simply fun.  I will play more and learn to ride a rip-stick and participate in more things I’ve not tried before, even when I fall off or come last and especially when I don’t find the activity comes easily to me.

7) I will make more mistakes.  I will try more new things including things I’m not particularly good at.  I will not pretend I didn’t make a mistake nor will I cover them up.  I will say sorry more.  I will learn new skills.

8) I will nourish my body.  I will prepare more meals from hand and reduce the packet foods I feed my family.  Enough crappy eating.  More fresh food, more simple meals, more quality foods.  Quality chocolate and coffee not quantity chocolate and coffee. And I will exercise regularly and drink pure water.

9) I will finish my study and get a job.  I will not give up, back down, use excuses or refuse to unpack my emotional baggage.  I will hand every assignment in on time and participate fully to the best of my giftings in my practical clinic work.  I will be the best art therapist I can possible be.

10) I will gather more.  I will stop waiting for everyone to invite me places and gather people around me, in twos and three’s and in 20’s.


11) I will be quiet.  I will establish intentional quiet times.  Eyes shut or enjoying a glorious view.  I will take Sabbath each week and contemplate.  Praise.  Worship.  Refresh. Acknowledge my significance comes through Him.  Realign.  Remember my purpose.

12) I will finish things I start.  All of them. One at a time until they are done.  I will finish things before I start new things.

13) I will increase my buying of ethical, and handmade food, clothing and homewares.  It really does matter.  And it really does make a difference.

14) I will declutter.  Too much stuff.

15) I will volunteer.  Somewhere I can make a difference.

16) I will write more.  Stories.  My story.  Others stories.  Fables.  Wild, impossible tales.  Poems and nonsensical rhymes.  Blog posts. Children’s books.  Letters.  I might even write a song.  Or two.  I will write for fun.  I will write and write until I have said it all.


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