tassie holiday art

A painting a day I thought.  ‘I can manage that’ I said to myself, with all this leisure time we’ll be having in Tasmania, I’ll get a tonne of art done.  Not.


A tea Rose from Blackman’s Bay at Grandma’s place.  Picked while meandering home from a swim in walk by the ocean, where we watched a very informal wedding being set up under a tree plus an actual proposal on the beach while we ate lunch. Sigh!  So sweet.IMG_1786

A Tassie pinecone from the pinetree we camped under at Gowrie Park after an awesome morning walking around Dove lake at Cradle Mountain.IMG_1787

Shells that my youngest and I collected while beach combing at various Tassie beaches.  Need to finish this watercolour…IMG_1789

So overall I did manage 2 and 3/4 watercolours but my eldest daughter did about 8 gorgeous watercolour Tasmanian birds.  Hashtage naturalartistforadaughter.

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