dragonfly beginnings

This year I have had the honour and privilege of studying to become an art therapist.  I am nearly 1/2 way there, whoo hoo!  The course and career correction has captured my heart (that quiet place that feels so right, so exactly where I need to be) and so have the women studying with me and our lecturers.  Every week I feel blessed to be so fully accepted and inspired.  I love hearing their stories, in their art, from their lips and in the sparkles or tears in their eyes.  After one module we spent time trying to find adequate words to affirm and speak into each others lives.  I decided this was piece of paper with their word gifts to me was so precious  I wanted to keep it and use it on an art journal page as 2015 flipped into 2016.


I am not who I was when I started my course, I am a new woman.  I am celebrating a new me in 2016.  New attitudes, new heart, new direction, new sense of who I am and all my glorious strengths and weaknesses.  Can’t wait to wake every morning, leap out of bed and move forward in my life!  (Actually that’s a bit of a lie, the heart and head is keen but the body is a tad weary.  It’s been a long and difficult year full of changes and challenges.   I am sooo ready for our family holiday which starts this week… After that recharge, with God’s heal I will be unstoppable!)  I have a destiny to fulfil!  Thanks God for the song in my heart today! And for women who gather and pour love into me! Y0u know who you are!


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