a fresh new page

2016 I welcome you with open arms and a contrite heart.  I relish a fresh blank page, new goals, time spent pondering what I want my new year to look like and who I am becoming… a fresh perspective.  I am also engaging in healthy introspection by glancing back briefly to see my footprints and the journey that was.  I do not beat myself up for mistakes nor do I hold tight to yesterdays long gone. I glance back in order to know where I am.  A reality check, and I do it by being kind to myself and holding an umbrella of grace over others.


This morning hubby and I took a walk around our neighbourhood and I found this dandelion seed head.  When I was a child we picked them, made a wish and blew the seeds as hard as we could.  The little paratroopers would soar off with our wishes.  Today the dandelion made me think about wishing and how wishing, though cute and fun, gets me no closer to my goals and life purpose.  So for a new year I will do no wishing.  What I will do though is dream big and then put some gutsy plans in place with steps mapped out to follow.  And then I will walk and dance and maybe even crawl towards meeting those goals. I will rest and pray and party as needed.


And if at the end of this year I am not exactly where I planned to be?  I will be kind to myself… I may even find that I am where I needed to be though not where I planned to be.  Blessings as you plan or not plan your year in 2016.  May you move forwards with strength, freedom  and truth as your close friends and confidents.

Love Rochelle aka rockmelon recycled.


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