wings exist

I have lately been deeply touched by many women and their stories.  Sad stories, stories of pain and shame and feelings of powerlessness and despair.  There were also many stories of unmitigated joy, achievement, restoration and redemption.  Some stories were in books, blogs and on Ted Talks.  Some of their stories are told to me around a table, in classes I attend and as I’ve walked along the beach.  All of these stories matter, all these stories are part of the weaving called life.  All of them move me.  This mixed media collage is a response to those stories.


We all have wings.

Some of us have little budding wings that are slowly, shyly unfurling themselves for the very first time.

Some of us have bold wings that are tightly curled, dusty, neglected. Tied up with fears.

Some of us have wings that are tattered, wet with tears.  Broken even.


To some of us, the fact that we have wings is a surprise, we have never seen ourselves as powerful or as having the ability to succeed.  Freedom seems a far way off.
Some of us are perched on the edge, wings outstretched, feeling the wind in our faces, and feeling the thrill if our heart pumping and pounding as we push off a cliff with determination. We soar. Exhilaration fills our soul.

You can purchase this original mixed media collage here in my Madeit shop.


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