created to create

Have you ever done an art work and it never felt right?  It was like your heart didn’t feel drawn to it and your soul didn’t flutter?  Occasionally i get these feelings, I usually just push the art work aside or put it in a box and ignore it.  As I was unpacking (we’ve just moved house) I came across one of these art works that didn’t feel right.  So I gave it a face lift.  No, not  a facelift, I took out its heart and gave it new life.


Above is the ‘after pic’ new collage art work and below is the ‘before’ picture.  (I don’t have the full picture unfortunately…I never did like it lol)


I remodelled the flowers and repositioned them, entirely changed the background and quote.  Now the art touches my soul.



I was created to create.  Yep, I believe that.  Thanks God.

2 thoughts on “created to create

  1. ephemeral gecko says:

    Sometimes I feel like a piece of art needs to sit and gestate for a while… it can be months or more, long enough for the sense of something lacking /disappointment/ discontent – however it manifests – to move away and I can see it with fresh eyes. Looks like this happened here – isn’t it a great feeling when it does


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