Last Minute Handmade Christmas Gift


Still need a few handmade Christmas gifts?  Todays tutorial will show you how to paint a fabulous, bright shirt in 5 minutes.  This super easy, quick, fun, DIY craft project is perfect as a handmade last minute Christmas gift or do it as a school holiday craft project with the kids these holidays.



I squeezed in this quick tutorial as part of LuLuArt’s Design Team.  Boy have I learned soooo much about imovie and YouTube since rockmelon recycled’s first YouTube tutorial.

Materials and Supplies


Using the small piece of thick cardboard, scape paint randomly onto the front of the shirt.  Reload paint frequently and make strokes up, down, left and right.  Leave some white spaces if desired.

Dry with hair dryer.

Use the ‘Circle Explosion’ stencil  or paint dots of different sizes onto the fabric as background to break up the boxy-ness of previous paint technique.

Dry with hair dryer.

Stencil a bird or other small feature onto the right side top of the T-shirt using black paint.

Dry with hair dryer.

Use the Donna Downey stencil ‘She is’ to stencil the message: She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future. 

Dry with hair dryer.

Voila done. Congrats!

Repeat this neat fabric painting technique again and again on shirts, calico bags, pillow slips or tea towels to make great last minute handmade gifts this Christmas!  Let them think you are a craft genius!

Christmas blessings one and all as you find significance in the festive season.






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