poppies recycled wineglass candle holder

I am very excited to release my first art tutorial.  This is my first design team task for for Lulu Art.  Drum roll please and fasten your seat belts…


This fun, crafty tutorial is suitable for beginner crafters or advanced crafters.  I will show you easy techniques to recycle a wineglass into a practical gift, perfect for teachers or give as lovely handmade Christmas pressies. Let’s get started.

IMG_5895 copy 3

Equipment and Supplies List

I buy from and recommend Luluart Mixed Media Art Supplies.

IMG_6039 2

supplies list wineglass candle holder jpeg

Step By Step Directions

  1. Using the red cherry gelato, colour the background poppies stamp.
  2. Colour the centre area mango orange and lemon yellow with the gelatos to provide contrast.
  3. Spritz the stamp with water to activate the gelatos, stamp onto a white piece of paper. This gives alovely water colour effect.  I stamped the poppy image  twice before adding more gelato to the stamp. You will need 3-4 images depending on the size of your wineglass.
  4. Dry with your hairdryer or heat tool.
  5. When completely dry, apply Mod Podge over each image.
  6. Dry with your hairdryer or heat tool.
  7. Stamp the poppy outline over the coloured image, it doesn’t have to be lined up perfectly as the image will be cut out.
  8. Mod Podge over the stamped images.
  9. Dry with your hairdryer or heat tool.
  10. Use the red felt pen to add highlights and darker shadows to the poppy. You will have a brief time frame to smudge the felt pen due to the Mod Podge coating.  Use small strokes and immediately smudge with your finger. Add highlights and shadows to the yellow centre too.
  11. IMG_6070
  12. donna poppies
  13. Mod Podge over the stamped images.
  14. Dry with your hairdryer or heat tool.
  15. Cut out each poppy.
  16. Use Mod Podge to adhere each poppy to the inside of the wineglass. Add another layer of Mod Podge to the inside image of the poppy.
  17. Take your plain white paper towel and tear into 4 pieces. I tore around 3 sides of each of the paper towel squares so when i adhere them to my wine glass the straight. The untorn edge goes at the lip of the glass and the rough edges overlap and blend together pretty seamlessly.  Lay on a scrap piece of paper and spray randomly with Dylusions Ink sprays.
  18. Dry with your hairdryer or heat tool.
  19. Separate the paper towel if it is double thickness, use only one thickness.
  20. Spread 1/4 of the inside of the wineglass with Mod Podge and spread the inked paper towel inside, lining up the untorn side with the lip of the glass. Do 4 times util the inside is covered. I found that my fingers kept sticking to the paper towel and Mod Podge so I used a dry foam brush to manoeuvre the paper towel into place.
  21. Dry with your hairdryer or heat tool. Voila, done.IMG_5928 copy

Optional: decorate the stem or base of your wineglass.

  • Mod Podge a poppy onto the base of the wineglass.
  • Tie ribbons fastened with buttons, beads and a safety pin onto the base of the wineglass.

IMG_5930 copy 2

Don’t forget to buy your art supplies at Luluart, it’s an awesome art supply shop. I am delighted to be a LuLuArt Design Team member.
IMG_5917 2


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