18 years ago I held a squirming babe in my arms for the very first time.  I didn’t know how to hold her properly, change her, I didn’t know what her different cries meant.  Today I still hardly know what I am doing, undaunted, she continues to turn into a beautiful young woman.  Blessed to be called Mum.

IMG_9934She had a combined 18th birthday party with 2 of her friends (villain theme).  I haven’t laughed so much in ages.  My three children spent 2 weeks hand making their costumes.  90% of each of their costumes all came from stash.  So proud of their creativity and hard work.

IMG_9915 IMG_9939IMG_9978

On her actual birthday we had a long slow breakfast and present opening and talked for a long time about the party from the previous night.  Then we went strawberry picking and climbed a mountain in the late afternoon.
IMG_0160 IMG_0220 IMG_0216 IMG_0213 IMG_0183 IMG_0221

IMG_0233 IMG_0231
Making memories that last a life time!  Love you my eldest daughter, you are a treasure, find your wings and fly towards your dreams.  We will support you all the way to the moon and back, LOL. You are stronger than you think. Mum x

3 thoughts on “eighteen

  1. Lorrie Bowes says:

    I am so very proud of how you and Braddan have raised your family to not only be followers of our Lord but to be such self assured young people. My Mum, Braddan’s grandmother & yours by marriage, used to say that children were only on loan to you from God and that you did the best you could and then you had to let them go. You two have done a wonderful job and I feel sure the grounding they have had will carry through into their adult lives on their own. I also am sure that our Heavenly Father is very pleased..


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