a new perspective

I am no longer standing at the crossroads of indecision, I have jumped over the line marked ‘Something new’ and am hanging on for the ride.


Along my new path I see mountains and valleys, lots of trees, waterfalls and oasis’s, a few shadows and a great reward at the end.

art therapy



I have started full time study in Art Therapy!!! The absolute best part is  getting to know a class full of wonderful and interesting people and our lecturer.



Day 1 was getting to know each other, the course outline and the smallest beginning of understanding what art therapy is.


This is part of my lunchtime view. Blessed. Sunshine on my face.

art therapy

Every day offers me a refreshed perspective. Thriving.


I’ve collaged on my notebook and diary to remind me why I exist and why I am studying, I’ve written some of my fav Bible texts to keep me focussed.




 I have already completed Module 1 and now am tackling the 13 pieces of art and journaling that is required for the first assessment as well as the 3000 word essay. Eeek!



 Here are some pics of what I’ve been up to in class and preparing for class. It’s a 1 year course that requires 100 prac hours… So i am going to be a very busy bunny, I may go on and complete the BA… just taking one year at a time for now though.

edited5 edited14



I am way out of my comfort zone and loving it. A great place to be. Abundant life bring it on.

3 thoughts on “a new perspective

  1. ruthsplace says:

    Looks like an amazing course and I’m sure that you will do very well. I hope you continue to enjoy it and I look forward to the small glimpses of the art you create for it.

    We are very excited for you!


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