handmade inspiration

Over the last 12 months or so i have received many, many handmade cards and notes and today I thought I’d share the love and inspiration.


This sunset/mountains thank you card was a thanks from a bunch of awesome teenagers whom hubby and I took camping at Girraween.  It was made by a 17 year old arty male who raided his mum’s stash.  How cool is that!


I have had the absolute privilege of having a special lady from my church be my encourager these last couple of years.  She sms’s, emails, drops in gifts, card and notes letting me know she is praying for me or sharing a few inspired words of support and grace.  What a blessing. Her card has been on display at my art desk or inspiration board for more than 12 months, it is just so beautiful.



This next butterfly card was some anonymous snail mail left in our mail box. The colours are perfect.  While i really appreciate something encouraging me anonymously, it would have even been more meaningful if I could have known who it was from. It is a beautiful card, i so want to personally thank them. Perhaps they will see this blog post and know how much it means. IMG_4630

My hubby made this next one, isn’t he sweet?  Melts my heart that he sat and cut this out with a craft knife, he knows how much I value the thought and work behind a handmade card! Love him.  IMG_20150729_201743

This blue and white card is exquisite, made by my step-mother Gail. She really has a lovely style.IMG_20150729_201756My sister made this for me just recently, and since birds are one of my fav. symbols, it holds great meaning for me. Just beautifully done, thanks Fiona.

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