bucket feels a little fuller

I’m finding it difficult being intentional everyday in my bucket filling. It is so much easier to remain busy and serve everyone else before myself… but I am also someone who relishes a challenge. So bucket filling for the last few days has been:

Coffee and long chats with my BOFA (way before there was the BFF acronym there was Best of Friends Always) and she gave me flowers. Aww, love her to bits!IMG_20150729_174322

I’ve been spring cleaning my craft cupboards and finding long forgotten craft supplies such as these hand dyed doilies. To a melancholy, cleaning up craft cupboards and shredding all our old homeschool books is soul therapy. Told my kids there is no going back to homeschooling now, we’ve tidied out the school cupboards and put craft stuff in there!IMG_20150722_162611

Taking our eldest daughter to a prospective uni open day was so great. Love watching her walk through this exciting and admittedly a little intimidating phase of life with positivity and style. Oh, and I went to an info session at a small College in Brisbane that I may undertake some study at soon. Eeeek! More to come on that.IMG_20150726_120343

Painting my toe nails (usually bother only doing them for weddings during winter) and wearing my pyjamas around the house for extended periods. Love Pyjama Sundays.IMG_20150726_164224I’ve a date with hubby tomorrow, yay!

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