knitting a scarf for me

Now I am a bus-stop-mum, i thought a craft I can carry around while I wait for the kids bus each afternoon is in order. I’ve had this beautiful blue wool languishing for a while, so I pulled it out of stash and started.  I decided this scarf is for me so this will be one of my bucket fillers for the week/month. Yay!


As I click clacked away feeling like a pro I had that sinking feeling I had cast on too many stitches and it was going to be an enormous scarf, so i undid it all and recast on my stitches.  Then i thought It’s still too wide and I won’t have enough wool to finish.  So I undid and cast on a third time and this time it seems more correct. Question though, I have only one ball of yarn. Question to you knitters out there?  How far will I get on a scarf with this one ball??

2 thoughts on “knitting a scarf for me

  1. ruthsplace says:

    Like Lindsey says a lace pattern will extend the yarn, however, you should be able to get a scarf long enough to keep you warm out of the ball of yarn. But it won’t be super long.


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