14 days refilling my bucket

Now this little family of mine is tentatively launched on their new trajectory, this ex-homeschool mummy needs to refill her bucket. If you are a mother you know how relentless and how emptying of self, mothering can be, it can totally empty us if we don’t take our self-care seriously.

So I’ve decided to take 14 days to refill my bucket. Each day I will do something intentional just for me. Me.


Day 1 after I dropped my son to school I went down the beach at Scarborough. First I walked along the beach and collected some sand blasted glass in lovely sea green and white.


Then I sat in a little organic cafe (Avida, lovely service, great coffee, heaters to take the winter chill off while you sit outside). I had a medium coffee (I always buy small, so a real treat) and slowly ate a slice of gluten free brownie while reading the paper. Bliss, but things I rarely take time to do.


Day 2 I got my hair cut in a new style.

IMG_4126 IMG_4127

Day 3  (today) Hubby and I went to the beach and had lunch together. We took wraps and BBQ’d them and drank Bundaberg ginger beer. Just the two of us. Sigh!


One thought on “14 days refilling my bucket

  1. Carrie Lynn says:

    I am not a mother but I cherish my “me” time. Reconnecting to oneself is necessary to recharge our spirit so we could reach out and connect with our family and friends. So, yey for your “me” time.


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