mountain tops

Winter Camping? Only for the brave! Castle Rock Camping at Girraween was freezing! Hubby and I went winter camping with our eldest daughter and 4 of her friends. Apart from the girls not packing their tent poles and having to sleep out in the gazebo LOL, things went well.


The teens cooked and cleaned up together, ate way too many lollies, played endless loud card games, hit the volleyball and climbed mountains. And we watched, hung out with them and tried not to parent. Great few days.


IMG_3295 IMG_3469 IMG_3676 girraween

I took my watercolours and sketch pad and spent 10 minutes sketching some gum leaves… but some things are better experienced, not sketched.  Warm fires, warm coffee overlooking a misty mountain, climbing mountains hand in hand with the one you love, watching your daughter grow up, ice-berging (jumping in freezing cold water; a family tradition), driving home to your cat sitting in the window because she missed you, sleeping in your own bed after roughing it. Bliss!

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