beauty from ashes

This art journal page took me about 4 minutes to complete (minus drying time), so simple to do and I love it.


I wanted to test some new ideas today: Art Masking Fluid by Art Spectrum and some butterflies by Felt Fad to use as masks for my ink sprays. I bought both supplies at my local Riot Art and Craft store.

beauty from ashes

I decanted some of the masking fluid into a bottle with a fine nozzle thinking it would make it easy to write with and it didn’t work well at all. The fluid was too runny and my nozzle too big, I’ll go back to using a cotton bud next time. The masking fluid also pooled on the letters so it took about 20 minutes to dry (usually 5 mins is enough). Way too long for me, but good to learn what not to do.IMG_4015

I then placed three butterflies around the words and sprayed with my dylusions ink sprays. When the ink dried I peeled the art masking fluid off. Voila, a beautiful rainbow coloured page with meaningful words and pictures.


Isaiah 61:3 talks about beauty from ashes which in plain speak is referring to something or someone being restored and renewed. Butterflies fit the words perfectly.

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