I will worship while I’m waiting

I’m a bit unwell, I have a sore throat so a quiet day at home with hubby who has the flu was the order of the day.  Two kids are away for a 7 day canoeing expedition and eldest daughter went to church without us. Hubby and I sat in bed and read a chapter of a book aloud together and then he slept while I did some writing. This afternoon we made it down to the lounge room and I sat at my art desk and had some art journaling time.

I will worship while I'm waiting

The words “I will worship while I’m waiting” is from a song by John Waller III called “While I’m Waiting.” I have many memories of this song, some of you may know it from the movie “Fireproof.”


This song resonates with me at the moment because I’m at a bit of a crossroads and I have some decisions to make.  I always consult the Man Upstairs when I am making decisions and sometimes that involves waiting and worshipping.



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