blessings journal update

We are 176 days out of 200 blessings into our family blessings journal. Some of our entries include:

Day 115/116: the ANZAC’s, A P-plater who is an awesome driver, thinking time, faith given not earned, for an awesome song service and Jen’s sermon, for basketball with my son, hot chips at Redcliffe.


Day 121/122: Shell and Shay finally home safe, for the stormy, rainy, vaguely purple sky, a coffee in bed, for spending 5 days with Shay, friends from Cooroy, home safe after 81/2 hours stuck on the rain.


Day 132/133: breath, homemade milk, sunshine after rain, fluffy socks, electric blankets, neighbourhood that’s quiet, curtains on the windows.


Day 147/148: That Grandma and Grandpa could come over, singing practise, the red plate moment, day off to chill and relax, conversation that matters, a great group of teens, chips and chocolate milk.


Day 163/164: friends to lunch with, 2 pairs of jeans for $6, goat cheese, being able to run, Chris Tomlin’s music, anonymous encouragement in our mailbox, sick leave.


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