my favourite picture. ever.

It’s a little confronting when your child’s artistic talent surpasses you. But then proud feelings surge forward in titanic proportions.


She water coloured me this portrait of Aslan the Lion from C. S Lewis’s Narnia book series for Mother’s Day and I forgot to boast about it. Doing that now. Oh and did I add my daughter hasn’t had a single art lesson ever, not even at school because she’s been homeschooled.IMG_2931

I love that natural ability that is encouraged and nurtured can be released so exquisitely. Full credit due to her too, as she has practised and practised her strokes until she has mastered them. IMG_2933

I asked for this picture for Mother’s Day as she had done a similar water colour in her sketch book for herself and I’d fallen in love with it. She chose the quote for me and it is so meaning for me.

My darling daughter, I treasure this picture, it is my favourite picture. Ever. I am now looking for the perfect frame for it!

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