love gives me wings

Good morning, this is my art journal page step by step from Sunday at my desk. 1) First I did some stencilling in three colours, three different stencils, not leaving very much white space.

IMG_2044 IMG_2048 IMG_2051

It still needed a little something so I added the aqua swirls via a cake decorating stencil.

2) I then sprayed ink over the stencilled background, in orange, pink and yellow.IMG_2057

It seemed a bit of a shame to cover up the background but I had in my head what I wanted to do. 3) So I stencilled black circles all over the background in a few different sizes.


Step 4) I forgot to take pictures of the next step. I circled every black circle with a white outline. Now it really pops off the page.

5) I cut out a heart from dictionary paper, and painted over the heart in a white paint wash.I printed wings and stuck the heart and wings on with Mod Podge. I added the words and voila! A page celebrating my wonderful hubby. His love gives me wings. I love that he believes in me and always encourages me to reach my full gives me wings

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