nepal craft fundraiser

I believe in using our strengths and giftings to better the lives of others. This weekend I had a chance to give something back, to raise some much needed funds for the Nepal earthquake victims. Four of us crafters gathered and held craft classes on the northside of Brisbane today.  Here are some awesome picture from 3 out of the 4 craft classes we held.

collage block art IMG_20150524_150231 IMG_20150524_150315 IMG_20150524_150324

The amazing Kerin took the she art canvas class (pictures above) and her sister Leanne took the card making class (picture below).IMG_20150524_150409

I took a craft class using a wooden blocks from Reverse Garbage (cheaper than buying a canvas). We stencilled, painted, used spray inks, and made paper flowers.  Great afternoon out, lovely to meet new people and raise some money for aid to go to Nepal.  I love what I do.IMG_20150524_150457 IMG_20150524_155643 IMG_20150524_160235 IMG_20150524_160244 IMG_20150524_160305Thanks Narelle, Kerin, Leanne and the dozen ladies and gents who set up, advertised, turned up to craft, made morning tea and bought donated goods to raise funds. $500 is our approximate count of money raised, awesome job everyone.

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