#shareakindword #proverbs2511

Two things have been weighing on my heart lately: 1) art is meant to be shared and 2) many people deal with difficult situations everyday. So, I’ve decided to combine the two into a little community love project I’ve called #shareakindword #proverbs2511


The idea is to spread kind words and affirmations. I’m starting with these little tags my Mum donated to me that I’ve decorated with ink sprays and stencils and some words on the reverse side.

I hope you will join me. By tagging your post #shareakindword #proverbs2511 you will encourage others to join in and the ripples will go further. Because there is a general tide of dislike of self in women and girls I’m starting there with words to encourage the heart of a woman.


How am I going to #shareakindword? I’m going to drop some in random letterboxes on my walk tomorrow, I’m going to slip some into library books at my local library and I’m going to post some off to some people i know could use an encouraging word.  How about you?  What will you do to #shareakindword?

What’s with the #proverbs2511?

proverbs 2511

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