Road Trip to Bundaberg

My youngest girl and I went on a road trip last week to Bundaberg for 5 days.

IMG_20150427_123841 I was asked to take a week of presentations (aka tell stories, who could ask for a better job?) for Coral Coast Christian School for their week of worship. While I shared Bible stories and encouraged the kids to consider God and spiritual things my daughter painted a picture of something to do with the topic I presented.  IMG_20150430_125556

Hands, trees, ravens, clouds, mountains, a heart with John 3:16 written on it… we both had the best week, but so busy.IMG_20150501_090113


christian art john 3:16

On the last day we had screwed all 4 canvases together to reveal a picture that reminded them of the entire week of worship. They will hang it where the kids can see and remember the promises and stories we talked about.


We took time to go op shopping, visit the ginger beer factory, eat chips near the beach, Sizzler, visit the Bogan Shop for gift shopping and have afternoon tea at the Coffee Club.


Little Miss GiGi (Gorgeous in God’s Image) gave me some magazines to hand out to a few of the girls and I had enough to give out to all the girls in yrs 4, 5 & 6, so thanks so much GiGi, you blessed the Bundy school girls. I loved being the bearer of gifts.

Oh, and we took 11 art journal lessons (3 a day some days). Satisfying. See pictures here.

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