321 out of 600 blessings

I am now 107 days into my 600 blessings challenge, that’s 321 blessings written down by me so far in 2015. I have missed a few days but I always take time to go back and fill on my 3 daily blessings.  I am enjoying the discipline on finding 3 blessings each and every day.  I am also very interested in reading back over the entries from others in my family. Hubby writes 3 blessings each day like me and the 3 teenagers in our house write 1 each but I often find more than one from them too.


Blessings have included: a husband who cooked breakfast, a sleep in, conversations with my teenage daughter, air-conditioning on a hot day and  a cat who cuddles.


Fly screens, UP and Go, a laminating machine, continued good sleeps thanks to those sacro-illiac injections, Wheat biscuits and milk, a clean desk


Sunshine, textbooks, being able to sing up the front with the youth at church, getting good on the ukulele,

Pippin singing ‘All shall Fade.’


Unlimited phone plan, a safe country to live in, coffee with Luke, pain tablets, a desk to do art at, that this world is not my home I’m just passing through.


Homemade sausage rolls, I saw Ashlon, a day I didn’t have to preach, a view out my office window, trampoline, clothes to wear.


Mum making sorbet, Jesus the Christ, a piano that sounds so good, the sound of Rochelle’s voice (ahhh! he’s so sweet to me), a vacuum cleaner, for a loving Daddy when others don’t have one, for Darcy’s apricot nose (our cat).


Manifest Creative Arts Festival, time to myself, story telling as an art from, dinner with Core Team, for everyone just seizing the day and running around in the rain, poetry, Micah Bourne, for Darcy sleeping on my tummy, passionate volunteers, for bringing my Mummy safely back.


Mum and Noel arriving safely in China, 3 Melly kids back home to us, a new computer riser.


Better fill in todays page and pass it to the family as it seems everyone but me missed yesterday!

I. Am. Blessed. Beyond. Words.

3 thoughts on “321 out of 600 blessings

  1. Zoya says:

    Great idea and so beautifully executed as well. I kept a gratitude journal last year, in which I wrote each evening at least one thing I was grateful for that day – I found it very therapeutic.


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