sometimes spring surprises

Winter has been nibbling our toes in the evenings and early mornings, even in Queensland (I’ve washed the flannelette sheets this week in preparation for the cooler weather that will come).  I am not a big fan of winter literally and figuratively), but the seasons come and go anyway.  It’s been school holidays here and Hubby’s taken some time off too so it feels a little like spring. Things are a little more light-hearted and fun when we are on holidays, we’re a little more lenient about jobs and to do lists and we spend a lot of time just hanging out together and nobody makes their bed.  I was sitting at my art desk yesterday and this piece of art journaling emerged.


‘Sometimes spring surprises.’ It’s been a good week, lots of projects finished/nearly complete, lots of thinking time and lots of talking. Hubby and I have been reading a book through together, one chapter a day then discussing it, one of the highlights of each of my days. The five of us play volley ball in a circle most afternoons, such a fun time, much laughter happens.  Holidays, I’ll miss you but I’m OK that you slide on by, I know you’ll be back.

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