my delightful milkpainty dining suite

One of my major tasks on my to do list this school holiday break is to paint our dining suite with Miss Mustard Seed milk paint (yes it really does have milk in it). So I’ve gone from this delicious brownness and greenness (tongue firmly in cheek),


to this delightful whiteness.





 I haven’t done a final sand or wax yet but so far loving it make over.  MMS Milkpaint is eco friendly for all you greenies out there and feels like no other paint when dry, so smooth.  A bit fiddly to start with but after 6 chairs this week and previously a side table, countless photo frames, a bookcase and lamp stand I’m getting good. Only the table to go now…

PS Buy Milk paint in Australia from Sharon at I Restore Stuff. She is brilliant and her blog helpful and inspiring.

PPS Tip of the week. If you are using your staple gun while upholstering and the staples keep bending and not biting into the wood, your staples are too long!  Thanks man at Lawnton Bunnings, grateful for the tip!

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