love your handwriting

I think it’s important that we use our own handwriting when we art journal, it allows us to have an intimate & emotive connection to each page plus it makes it personal to anyone whom we choose to share our pages with.  Trouble is, many of us dislike our handwriting, we rationalise that it’s too untidy, scrawly, lacks a pretty shape or lacks elegance…  Enough excuses, start writing on your next art journal page. May I suggest that you just start with writing a few words on each finished art journal page here and there. Write words in a place where they won’t stand out too much. After a while it will become easier, I promise you. Hopefully with time and grace toward self  you will learn to enjoy your handwriting. That brings me to the second thing, we all need be kind to ourselves when we art journal: art journaling is a dialogue and we aren’t Picasso, we do art because it feeds our soul and is an expression of who we are and how we feel.  Silence the critic within and art journal.

no sweeter name

no sweeter name

This art journal page is one i completed on the weekend.  I masked around a cross shape and threw lots of ink sprays at the blank space, all the while contemplating the sweetest name of all. I think this technique showed up my personality: spontaneous, I don’t mind if it’s not perfect, not details focussed and lover of randomness.  I didn’t stop to tape down the white paper masks completely so little bits of ink strayed out of the lines, and I’m OK with all that.


I found a website that listed the names that Jesus was called or referred to as, and i wrote a bunch of them by hand. I too am learning to love my handwriting.

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