I don’t do STILL well. My personality has me thinking and doing something all the time. But I actually believe that STILLNESS is important for the soul so I discipline myself to take time out at my art desk as often as possible. Hubby and I have a saying in our house ‘Work hard play hard.’ It seems I’ve done a lot of working hard so far this year so on school holidays I am doing a double helping of STILL. Not just sitting still and pondering but spending time with the Creator is my best STILL ever.



 I have loved playing with masking techniques and my Dylusions spray inks. Art is worship.

One thought on “STILL

  1. jennartie says:

    Hi. Thanks for your lovely journalling. It always is special and surprising. You may already know about the sites, but I’ve just discovered ‘Bible Journalling’ on Pinterest. Different to what you do, but beautiful too. God bless you. Jennifer


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