I was so excited to get my mail yesterday, an article I wrote got published. So excited to be a part of a beautiful and inspiring magazine called GiGi (Gorgeous in Gods image) for teen girls. If you are sick of your daughter bringing home Dolly mag or worse, GiGi magazine is for you, so encouraging.



IMG_0847Our teen girls need to know that art journaling is a fantastic way to dialogue with themselves and with a Higher Power. Expressing themselves with paint, colours and shapes is therapeutic on so many levels.  Wouldn’t it be great if more of our teen girls regularly unplugged, switched off, took time to meditate and ponder and let their emotions settle through art? There’s no exact right or wrong way to art journal, just pick up some pens, textas or paint, grab some scissors and glue and express yourself. There are no mistakes, just creative opportunities.

I highly recommend GiGi magazine, my two girls 14 and 17 look forward to receiving their copies of GiGi 4 x year. It’s not produced to make money it’s put together by 5 sisters out of sheer passion and concern for today’s generation of girls.  Even at 40 something I read each issue cover to cover to keep in touch with my teens generation.

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