art journaling workshop week 4

Our four weeks of sitting around a table each Tuesday to learn something new has come to an end. Sad. And.  Proud. They. Have. Inspired. Me.






I have decided that it’s confirmed: After 13 years of teaching art and crafts I can confirm without a doubt that our personalities are greatly reflected in our art. Some of us have trouble making decisions and look to others for inspiration, some of us slap colour on effortlessly and go with the flow and some of us are meticulous to the point of paralysis. some of us make it up as we go along, happy to experiment and see how it all looks when it’s all put together and others of us need step by step instructions and processes.

It’s not that there’s a right way or a wrong way to think or do, it’s just fascinating to observe character traits coming out so keenly  from everyone when I teach art. I am not commenting on the ladies that have finished their 4 week workshop, just sharing one of the things I love about group work. We are all such wonderful individuals and walk to the beat of our own drum.

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