better days ahead

I admit it, I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. It might have something to do with going to bed cranky but that’s another story… anyway I just felt blah when I got up, and I didn’t want that feeling to follow me and taint my interactions with my kids while we homeschooled. We are half way through the term so kinda feel stuck on the hump before the downward journey… Anyway, (I’m raving now), I knew I needed to relax, (and art is cheaper than a therapist), so I grabbed 30 minutes at my art desk before breakfast and kid wake up.


This is my work.  I propped it up next to my day to be a reminder: there are better days ahead. Days of rainbows and fireworks… that’s what the colour reminded me of! Hope you too have better days ahead.

The peace dove was made by tracing around a dove printable, cut from a vintage dictionary and Mod Podged with a very gorgeous silver design tissue paper.

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