she decided to succeed anyway

I turn to my art journal to relax and unwind, to fill my bucket and to think things over.  What colour do I feel?  What words need saying? What is on my heart?  What stencil or material is beckoning me to turn it into something remarkable.  Art journaling is a sneak peek into the soul.


Love that quote: ‘She decided to succeed anyway.’  When I grow up and get a real job, I will buy some acreage, build a straw bale house and hang a vintage chandelier above the 10 seater dining table that sits overlooking the permaculture vegie garden and my art studio!  Until then I will dream of my chandelier and take little steps toward my future.  What’s your picture of success?

2 thoughts on “she decided to succeed anyway

  1. Zoya says:

    I like your dream future. I have a whole bunch of totally contradicting ones at the moment, but in all of them I would love to have a bright spacious studio and a lush garden with fruit trees and vegetables and flowers.


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