what paint do i art journal with?

I was in a bit of a cheery mood and wanted my art journal page to reflect that.  I decided that neon was the way to go: what can possibly be more cheery than pretty neon paint? (OK, OK chocolate and a crackling fire are also very cheery, but this is the fat free option in the Queensland summer!)

I have purposefully bought cheap neon paints due to their translucent qualities. The question I had was: are they too cheap/translucent? The lumipink and fluorescent orange student paint from Art Culture were OK, they made most of the pretty pinks and oranges in this background below.  The fluro yellow from Derivan is really bright too.  So in answer to the question, can I use cheap paint to art journal?  Yep, absolutely.  If you just want something for your own private viewing, are a beginner or know that the art journal page will be protected from light and UV’s I say yes, go for it.  My pages are several years old now and show no signs of fading.  My art journaling is for me, its rarely on display.


“Sky above me, earth below, sky within.”  Just found the quote this week and have fallen in love with it.

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