art journaling supplies lists

Don’t know what supplies or equipment you’ll need to start art journaling? I’ve had fun arranging my most used and favourite art journaling supplies into a few photos and writing comprehensive notes for you.  My first piece of advice is to start with whatever art supplies you have on hand, whatever is in your child’s craft box, your scrapbooking supplies, the shed or kitchen.  Just start and get a feel for what you enjoy working with.  Not everyone enjoys messy techniques or bright colours and some people just sketch.  As you develop your style & explore techniques, your art supplies will evolve.  I’ve placed the Art Journal Supplies Lists as pages on the left side of my blog or you can access them through the links below.

If you’ve done none or very little art journaling, start here.

basic art journal supplies list watermarked jpg

If you’ve done quite a bit of art journaling and want advice on some new art journaling supplies start here.

advanced art journal supplies watermarked jpg

Remember to have fun and be patient with you talent, nurture yourself and allow ‘mistakes’ to become opportunities.  I have watched close to one hundreds tutorials and taken two online classes as I explore what works best for me.  Join a fb art journaling group for inspiration and encouragement.

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