blessings art journal

My second  of my 15 things is to commit to writing down three blessings every day for 200 days. And because no artist likes white pages, I spent three nights last week placing art and colour on these blanks to inspire my family.  600 blessings is a family challenge, Hubby and I are writing down 3 blessings each every day (no repeating) and my teenagers are recording at least one each, in this same little art journal.


 Here are a few of my blessings journal pages prior to our writing in it.  It’s a tiny A6 journal from Officeworks, so cute to work in…







Stamping the numbers certainly got tedious by half way.  And yes I do know the number 3 is backwards LOL, sometimes the numbers ended up side ways or upside down. Ahh the beauty of handmade!IMG_9826

We are up to page six, day six. so we have already collectively handwritten 42 things that my family is grateful for. Ohh yeah!  It feels good to look up.

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