Christmas came & went

Christmas snuck up on me, I really didn’t feel ready, then all of a sudden it was Boxing Day.  We travelled to see family this year, something we have rarely done lately, but it made Christmas all the more special.


My highlights of Christmas 2014:

Putting up the tree with my three cherubs while trying not to smirk as hubby unravelled the Christmas lights.


A lovingly prepared lunch and relaxed chat around the table. Thanks Gail and Dad.

Guessing correctly one of the riddles from out of the Christmas crackers. Mwah hah! Dubious honour that one!

Orchestrating a hair brained retro Christmas portrait thanks family.

Handmade Christmas card and seagreen beanie for winter, thanks SIL.

Watching my kids faces light up over requested but forgotten about presents.

Unexpected snail mail, thanks Zoya, made my day.

Christmas breakfast with friends who are family. Thanks Rodie Clan.

Snacking on phenomenal homemade gingerbread houses. Love family traditions.

IMG_9749 IMG_9753

Remembering the birth of our Saviour and the hope that He brings.


Thanks Dara for this Christmas ornament that I treasure more every year!

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