road to bethlehem

Walking through a live nativity has become one of our family traditions. On Tuesday hubby and I walked through six scenes which pieced together the story of the birth of Jesus with a little creative license. My 3 children got to tell part of the narrative. Allow me to share a little of our Road to Bethlehem experience…


Roman soldiers escorted groups of us around, teasing the kids, waving their obviously fake swords around and ‘talking rough’ to the crowd. They kept us moving from scene to scene well. Brilliant.


We first entered a scene filled with girls and teens weaving and learning Bible verses together. Mary is helping supervise.


When the little girls break for lunch Mary is left alone and a dazzling angel enters and announces that she is the one to carry the longed for Messiah… But what about her betrothed??

IMG_9590 IMG_20141214_181633

So proud of my angel Nat.  Tall, elegant, confident and smiling, she shared her lines convincingly. The crowds who flocked to the Road to Bethlehem over three nights would never guess how sore her shoulders would become at the heaviness of the gorgeous wings she wore through the 16 performances each night (so 16X3). We breed them tough!


We meet  Joseph who is initially bewildered and hurt by the news of Mary’s pregnancy… but when visited by the angel he agrees to take Mary as his bride.

IMG_9611 IMG_9613

Shay shone too. Her words were spoken clearly with feeling, each performance enthusiastically tackled like it was the first. She is my treasure. Proud Dad and Mum.


We stopped to  interact with live sheep, chickens (including the fluffiest of chicks), goats, a cow and ducks on the way to the market  place where jewish wedding festivities are taking place. (No not Mary and Joseph). We travel on toward Bethlehem.


At Herod’s Palace we meet the Wise Men and Herod reveals his dark character and evil intent against the baby who was prophesied to be King and lays under a star.


The Inn was a crowded place, there was a flutist, mirth and dancing, and a grumpy Centurion demanding the best ‘wine.’ Joseph’s frantic knock is first ignored, then in desperation (and arm twisting by the Inn Keeper’s wife), the Inn Keeper allows Joseph access to the stable.


The shepherds scene was quite comedic, teen boys having a few digs at each other before the dazzling angel announced the birth of the Christ. An astonishing backlight performance challenged us to go and see The King.


I am biased toward one particular shepherd, Sam was so serious about getting his lines right, so much practise paid off.


So talented, likeable and fun to be around. Love him to bits. Next we headed up the Road to Bethlehem.

IMG_9649We followed a star  and found the stable, where we children with angelic faces and teens with angelic voices were praising God.  Isn’t the star above the choir a delight?  Jesus lay sleeping in Mary’s arms while proud Joseph looked on and the choir sang “Do you have room for the Saviour?”

With all the Christmas busyness we get caught up in, it was a good reminder that Jesus is the reason for the season.  Thank you one and all, particularly Wendy.  If you live in Brisbane, Melbourne, Central Coast NSW, the Road to Bethlehem is on each year and is so worth the drive.  And it’s 100% free!

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