every day i will remember who i was

“Everyday I will remember who I was before the world told me who I should be.”  This art journal page is for me and for all the other tall poppies out there who have ever felt the squeeze of society towards conformity.


‘I’m not pretty enough, I’m too fat, too dumb, I’m overly sensitive. I am single, depressed, shy, unfashionable, uncoordinated and I can’t get a job…(insert personal uniqueness here).’  The things that were said and the looks that we got tried to squeeze us a little towards society’s mould. Conform, fit in with me, it chortles.


Who are they to dictate or shout? (You know who I mean)  People usually want us to fit in with them and their ideals when they are uncomfortable with us standing confident in who we are.  Life is too short for simply settling for mediocre, average and fine.
Greatness awaits: It calls us to be ourselves. The best self we can be. Real, raw, sometimes awkward, sometimes poised, but always me.  You be you and I will be me. Deal?


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