reach up

From last Tuesday’s art journal prompt I created this art journal page.


Hubby had to look at what was on the coat hanger before he got it. He often looks over my shoulder and shares an encouraging word, asks a question about how I did that bit or why I made it like that. I hope you all have someone who encourages your creativity, it is a huge blessing.


The words ‘reach up’ just seemed appropriate, especially when you scroll down to see what Tuesday’s Art Journal Prompt was below.  My eldest daughter just sat some of her final exams and we’ve been dialoguing on and off all year about what she should do next. I don’t really care what she does as long as she is reaching for her potential.  So this art journal page is for her.  It is also for anyone who ever missed an opportunity to succeed to try something new because of fear, OPO (other people’s opinions) or disbelief of self. Dear friend, do it anyway, you wings are just hanging there within reach. You may have to stand on a chair, climb a ladder or stand on the shoulders of others but if you reach up you may just surprise yourself.


Below is the art journal prompt. The first word that sprung to my mind from the girl in a jar was freedom. From that word a girl without her wings emerged as I’ve depicted above. Have a great weekend all, take time to feed your soul.

girl jar

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