road trip

Road trip, just the two of us girls, Brisbane to Sydney and back in 3 days. Driving is one of my least favourite things, but this trip was a love gift to my hubby.


We stopped in at Grafton NSW the first night, my Dad and Gail live there. Wish I’d taken some pics of their amazing gardens (especially Gail’s bromeliad collection) to post here, blows my mind what love and diligent care can bring out despite the lack of rain.


We snapped a quick pic of the local Jacaranda trees that were in full bloom in all the main streets in the afternoons last light.IMG_20141105_073405Can you see the family resemblance?


It’s the quirky family traditions that our kids will long remember and smile about. The family tradition is a photo of us jumping in front of the big banana at Coffs Harbour NSW… LOL



Then outside of Kempsy NSW is a tiny blink-and-you-will-miss-it park with our surname.



We didn’t talk the whole way but we did listen to an ipod full of her music, made up riddles for each other to guess (they got lamer as the days shadows grew longer), ate lots of sugar and were simply present in each others lives.




IMG_1647We spend 20 minutes picking up a package in Sydney from a friend, packing it into the car in the rain mid lightening (thankfully the hail had just stopped). Despite the fact their were dozens of friends I wished I could’ve stopped to see, we just stopped in on two.  What a delight to meet baby Sierra and chat with her awesome mum.  Then back in the car to bunk down for the night with Trish.  We managed to fit a weeks worth of conversation into about 5 hours, I was soooo tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer even though I wanted to stay up.

IMG_20141106_095642Then the long drive toward home with our package.  We stopped at Bryon Bay NSW for the night where we put up our tent in the dark midst the rain, thunder and lightening.  We went out to a Cafe facing the ocean and watched the lightening while eating chips with garlic aioli and sipped ginger beer. The tent leaked a bit but we crashed and slept well.


A juice on Clarke’s Beach from the singing barista, then a rude wake up via a freezing cold ocean swim.  We only lasted about 2 minutes, we were almost shaking it was so cold… Must of been all the rain.


Gourmet breakfast before tackling the last leg of our journey.



Here is our package unwrapped and assembled in our lounge room. It is a grandfather clock, a family heirloom on hubby’s side that has been in storage in Sydney for about 7 years.  So good to hear it chime every hour.  My daughter whose bedroom is directly above the clock is still getting used to it donging through out the night…. LOL




I love you Babe, but I’m not volunteering to drive to Sydney and back any time soon! xx

4 thoughts on “road trip

  1. Seaweed & Raine says:

    That’s an epic trip in a short space of time. I hope B1 knows how blessed he is to have 2 girls in his life that would drive all that way and take a chilly dunking in the ocean to retrieve a family heirloom clock for him! 🙂
    Love your signage along the way. 🙂


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