Tuesdays art journal prompts


Posting an art journal prompt every Tuesday to my Art Journalling as Worship Facebook page ensures I find time every week to art journal. Last week Carly from Every Little Fingerprint chose the art journal prompt. It is the song Waterfall by Chris Tomlin. Some of the lyrics:

Waterfall, waterfall it’s coming like a flood, I’m dancing in the rain,

everything I’ve done is covered in rivers of grace, amazing.

It’s coming like a flood, I’m dancing in the rain, I lift up my hands.

Your love never changes…

So the above page is my finished page.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 or so listens to the song as I pondered the lyrics and checked my Pinterest boards for inspiration. Below is my process pictured step by step.


I ripped this page from a magazine that showed clearly a face. While I was absorbed in the searching the magazine for the exact right picture I suddenly smelt the potatoes burning for the potato salad I was making for a Boys BBQ my hubby is hosting here tonight. (My son leapt up and pulled the pot off the stove off the stove before I could react, well done son). My brother would laugh at me still burning the potatoes I was supposed to be boiling. He used to tease me terribly as I had the habit of burning them when I was  a teenager at home… mind you he never complains about what I cook when his family visits!


Next I added a background collage from stash: a page ripped from the books Alice in Wonderland, The Little Red Hen and a cute story about a rabbit, the inside of an envelope, and a vintage map and dictionary page.


Then it needed colour.  Blue seemed appropriate for a page about a waterfall, I added a little purple and turquoise for interest and contrast.  Oops! almost painted over her eye and face. I used a piece of thick cardboard to scrape the colour on instead of a paintbrush.IMG_1780

Next I needed to push the bold colour back a little and start blending it as a background. I applied a very pale blue paint over a stencil next.  Tip: I dry all my paint, ink and mod podge with a hairdryer then I don’t have to pause my creativity.


Next I added a cheap white paint as an overall wash and because the white paint is quite transparent it allows all the layers to be seen. I scraped the layer of white paint on with my thick card then added texture by stamping  with bubble wrap (I use that technique all the time).


I then added a few sprays of Dylusions ink sprays to add back some darker blue area and add some ink runs.  Note too the stamped dotty border in very dark violet mixed with black paint.

IMG_1791My last step was adding my words with a brush pen and adding in some Gelato highlights in metallic moon (salmon colour) and smudging it with my finger.


The greatest gift of all; love like a waterfall.  I have made it so that the woman’s face is mostly covered by the waterfall of love, just the eye and cheekbone showing through. Covered. Totally. Blessed.

Great song Chris Tomlin that is growing on me.  Below is my inspiration for this art journal page from Pinterest.

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