second chance pages

In art journaling there are no mistakes, but there are second chance pages I redo.  I made this art journal page last month and it just didn’t seem right.  I felt like something was missing, there was nothing to tie the page all together, it felt a bit hodge podge.  I liked the background colours, the world and the face as individual components but the journaling got lost on the purple and the gold light lines didn’t turn out how I’d visualised it.


The redo consisted of covering the journaling which refocussed the page and I toned down the gold lines by adding a quote.  The letters were cut from magazines my mum left with me when she visited in September and a few were from my scrapbooking stash.  Now I like it. The quote is very meaningful to me personally.  I think this year has been a year of refocussing, reorienting myself along my strengths and extricating myself from the things that take me off mission.

IMG_1587!Part of my life purpose is to find my life purpose.”

Yep, doing that.  Cutting down my coffee intake, spring cleaning my art and craft stash, being more intentional to be one on one with each of my kids and my hubby regularly, tweaking where I serve at church, spending time building on friendships, pondering and praying over next steps… Good to know my purpose, great to keep checking in and seeing if I’m still on track.  Next year will be a big year, Yay! Bring it on.

4 thoughts on “second chance pages

  1. Zoya says:

    I thought the original page looked pretty good, but in the final one the elements definitely work better together and it has much stronger visual impact.

    For me this year was about rest/hibernation/searching for balance and focus. I wonder what next one will bring.


  2. machinegunmama says:

    That is the perfect quote that I needed right at the exact time, right now! Both of your journal pages are pretty pretty as well. Thank you for sharing, it’s good to know there’s others like me out there 😀


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