who I am is enough

Everyday I have wings.  Some days they stay folded away, too tired or unsure to be of much use.  And some days those wings take me to great heights of strength and freedom.  Last week has been a week of wings tucked away… I was feeling a bit crushed with the load I’ve been carrying.  Self protection mode is OK for a while, but if done habitually it leads to forgetting how to fly.


So this week it’s wings out. Who I am is enough. Thanks SIL for the word ‘enough’, it was perfect for the art journal page.


Butterfly is printed from a clipart website and enlarged significantly and doodled on with black and white gel pens.  Her head is vintage dictionary paper and I experimented with a new product: Faber Castell Gelato’s (water soluble crayons) for her hair, skin and the background. Flower was craft punched, screwed up, then coloured with Gelato’s too.

Every Tuesday I post an art journal prompt on my facebook page here and hope that the prompts inspire and encourage art journalists to do at least one page every week. The graphic below was last Tuesday’s prompt. I ummed and ahhed and pondered the picture for 7 full days before I found time to put paint to paper.  I really enjoy the pondering, I call it marinating ideas.  My page above is what emerged.  It’s become one of my favourite pages.

flyingHow are your wings at present?

One thought on “who I am is enough

  1. ruthsplace says:

    Love how this turned out. Can’t wait until I get to play in my art journal some more. I have a few ideas kicking around in my head.

    Did I happen to leave my chipboard pack at your place? I’m really hoping I did because otherwise it’s lost!


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