Sometimes a single word transports you to back to a certain time and certain place. Hallelujah is one of those words for me.  A picture immediately comes to my mind, a certain place, a certain occasion.. feelings flood in.  It is an occasion i enjoy remembering so i wanted to place hallelujah on an art journal page.


Art journalling is often my God time, my quiet pondering moments, time for just me, and I so value it.  It recharges me. Thoughtful time is important to my sanity and it helps free me up to move onto the next thing on my list.

hallelujah art journal page


The background is a picture of  a castle gate from a vintage book, vintage sheet music, a random page from Alice in Wonderland that contains the quote ‘drink me’ and the turquoise butterfly is  a free printable. I bought myself a new alphabet stencil as a little holiday treat for myself.  I used  2 paint colours dragged onto the page via a piece of thick cardboard instead of a paintbrush. The white dots are stencilled on and the the turquoise effect is made using paint applied by bubble wrap. Hallelujah is outlined with a uniball black gel pen. Phew.  The purple, yellow and turquoise is not one of my usual colour combinations, but I am loving the end result.

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