cover of my new art journal

I have spent 8 hours tidying my craft desk over the last two days. Every second of my task had me itching to create, but i just know that organised chaos will help me ultimately to get me creating more efficiently.  I have been getting frustrated that my art /crafting focus has changed a little, so the supplies i used to need close at hand i no longer need close, so a major reshuffle and cull. Now what did I create today… I have started a new art journal and the black cover was screaming out for relief from its mediocrity.


First layers were tissue paper (the more creases the better), wrapping paper, vintage dictionary papers and a page from an old calendar.  By coincidence the vintage dictionary page has the words sunny, sunshine, sun shower… that little bit of trivia will make more sense when you see the next layer.


I discovered some sunflower fabric in my stash during yesterday’s cull and fell in love with it. It is quite transparent so i knew it would make a great layer. Trouble was, with glue on it, it was too transparent and i couldn’t see the sunflowers. So I painted it in bright yellow and orange.



The reverse side also sneaks sunflowers in plus a recycled picture from a calendar.

IMG_0585It needs a little tidy up around the edges but loving it so far.

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